Optimizing Your App Icon

There are several things you can do to shrink down the size of your icon:

  • save without thumbnail image (in gimp it can be done in the export dialog)
  • shrink the image resolution (256px are enough, in some cases 128px or even lower like 64px can sufice)
  • change your PNG colors from RGB to Indexed (in gimp Image -> Mode -> Indexed, see

For png you can also use the oxipng tool (, which automagically optimizes your icon's file size without quality loss:

oxipng icon.png -s -o max

If you have png files in your project, you should also do this them to safe even more bytes.

Noteworthy parameters:

  • --pretend only calculates gains
  • -Z even more compression, but takes longer
  • for more info see oxipng --help# Troubleshooting