let files = await window.webxdc.importFiles(filter);

importFiles() allows a webxdc app to import files. Depending on platform support, this just opens the system file picker or a custom one. This custom file picker should show recent attachments that were received and sent, to make importing of a file that you just received from someone easier (you don't need to save it to the file system first), but it also still shows a button to open the system file picker.

  • filter: an object with the following properties:
    • filter.extensions: optional - Array of extensions the file list should be limited to. Extensions must start with a dot and have the format .ext. If not specified, all files are shown.
    • filter.mimeTypes: optional - Array of mime types that may be used as an additional hint eg. in case a file has no extension. Files matching either filter.mimeTypes or filter.extensions are shown. Specifying a mime type requires to list all typical extensions as well - otherwise, you may miss files. See for details about the format.
    • filter.multiple: whether to allow multiple files to be selected, false by default

The method returns a Promise that resolves to an Array of File-Objects.


// then/catch
  mimeTypes: ["text/calendar"],
  extensions: [".ics"],
}).then((files) => {
  /* do sth with the files */
}).catch((error) => {
// async/await
try {
  let files = await window.webxdc.importFiles({
    mimeTypes: ["text/calendar"],
    extensions: [".ics"],
  /* do sth with the files */
} catch (error) {